From the airport, shared or private transport to the Bellavista Port by car. Boat transfer to and from the Lodge via motorized speed boat through the Amazon River. Hiking and walking within the rainforest and lodge grounds. Agility required for visiting the jungle. Not appropriate for wheelchair or other mobility aids. Visitors must anticipate the extreme heat and humidity of the jungle by finding out the exact weather condition at the time of travel in order to be ready with clothing and accessories.
Please consult your doctor at least a month before entering the Amazon Basin. No cases of yellow fever or malaria have ever been reported in our properties. The most common ailments for travelers are diarrhea and fatigue. Take necessary precautions with local exotic food and alcoholic beverages. Eating and drinking in moderation is always the best safety measure to avoid discomfort and unnecessary hassle while traveling.

Yellow fever vaccination. Malaria and yellow fever vaccinations are not necessarily required for travelers coming into the region, but are highly recommended.

To be considered at Heliconia Lodge

Physical conditionS: Passengers should be in good physical condition in order to make all the excursions. The nature trek may involve walking on irregular terrain. Embarking and disembarking from our boats requires that you be reasonably fit and sure-footed.
Water: Heliconia Lodge has filtered river water that can be used for showers but is not safe to drink. Please make sure to drink distilled drinking water at all times.
We are in the jungle so mosquitoes and all kinds of insects will be part of your  stay in the Lodge please keep your room door always closed and, of course, use repellent.
The rooms windows are protected with wire mesh but you can bring a mosquito net or request it to the manager.
Something that is recommended to prevent the mosquito bites is taking vitamin B and B12, 15 to 20 days before coming to jungle because is  demonstrated that it has a repellent effect in the blood unpleasant for mosquitoes . Of all ways we recommend you bring a repellent with DEET above 50 % .We recommended our guest do not carry food to the rooms.
It is important that you bring only necessary clothing and travel gear to the lodge. Due to weight and space limitations on the domestic flight and on the boat to the Lodge, passenger luggage is limited to 10 kg. (22 lbs.) per person. You may store some of your luggage in our office in Iquitos City and take only the most essential during your stay.
• Light cotton clothes, pants and long sleeve shirts (preferably in earth colors: olive green, light brown/khakis of light, breathable, quick-dry material; please avoid using white color in the jungle)
• Hiking boots or walking tennis shoes resistant to humidity; cotton socks.
• Bathing suit
• A light water proof parka jacket, raincoat or sweater (when the temperature goes down considerably or when it rains)
What to bring:
• Hat / Cap (preferably with large visor)
• Sunscreen / Sunblock.
• Insect Repellent (with DEET)
• Sunglasses.
• Personal Medicines /medications; first-aid kit
• Flashlight
• Binoculars
•Portable converter, rechargeable batteries, electrical adaptor for your charger
• Camera with big memory card; preferably in waterproof case.
Rubber boots are available for jungle hikes. Please take your time to request them to your guide before the excursions.
Please provide your boots size when you make your reservation. 

The weather in Iquitos and in the Amazon Basin is  warm and humid with temperatures of 31°C (88°F) and 21°C (70°F).
Weather along the Amazon River is differed into two seasons: a High Water season from December through May and a Low Water season that lasts from June until November. Conditions in this region in Peru remains generally warm with some rainfall even during low water season. In fact, despite being the “rainy” season, during the High Water months, the Amazon only gets about 10% more rain than in the low water season. 
The low water season (June-November) and the high water season ( December- May) feature particular differences in the plant and animal life as well as in the climate.
Conditions on the river change with the seasons but each rewards visitors in different ways. During the high water season, the river and estuaries grow, allowing launch boats to venture deeper into the flooded forest. During the low water season, the river recedes and beautiful sandy river beaches are formed.  
There is full telephones and cellular phone coverage In Iquitos. Also, there is internet connection (Wi –Fi) and access to computers is available at the Business Center of our properties.

Internet acces at Heliconia Lodge:

There is only Movistar 3G signal around the lodge. The best thing you can do is to buy a prepaid Movistar SIM card for your phone ( we can do that for you) and use the internet they offer charging soles to it. It is very cheap.
We have fire extinguisher equipment strategically located in different areas of the hotel.
We also have fire hose cabinets and smoke detectors in each room.
We have 3 armed guards, radio communication equipment and alarm megaphones.
We have emergency signage: concentration point in case of emergency, boots for excursions, life jackets, signs for slippery when wet floors , alert for not to lean on the railings, etc.
We also have insurance covering for domestic transfers and hospitalization. We encourage to buy a special international tourist insurance for all your trips.
Also, if you do not take the suggested flights, it could cause one of the scheduled activities, especially the day of arrival, IS LOST and not hurt to do the other scheduled activities in the hostel.

THE 2234 LIMIQT 05:30-07:29
THE 2232 LIMIQT 06:30-08:28
P9 120 LIMIQT 06:20-08:10
VV400 LIMIQT 05:15-07:16
THE 2247 IQTLIM 19:56-21:45
THE 2249 IQTLIM 20:43-22:30
THE 2239 IQTLIM 23:23-01:10
P9 123 IQTLIM 20:15-21:59
VV403 IQTLIM 21:45-23:44
*Other itinerary, check direct flights Cuzco/Iquitos/Cuzco.